Can You Remember The Words To “My Favorite Things”?

Test your R&H knowledge, watch a clip from The Vicar of Dibley, and have a giggle at these song parodies. Yes, the hills of WordPress are alive with the sound of music…

It’s the first day of spring, and though the view from my window is snowy, the sun’s coming out and the snow’s melting — as if it all were being choreographed. (Now pivot to Julie Andrews.) Since I recently posted  about “My Favorite Things,” I feel it’s my civic duty to come to the aid of readers who became obsessed with trying to remember all the words and had to be sat on or sedated. (Not that I’m actually going to tell you all the words, but at least you’ll know you’re not alone in mangling them.)

For starters, here’s a clip from the BBC’s Vicar of Dibley, s01e04, “The Window and the Weather”:

In our struggle to accurately remember all the words, we must be wary of forgeries foisted upon us, e.g.:

Sloppy French service from waiters named Toodles
Rottweilers kicked in the schnitzel by poodles
Mafia kingpins all decked out in bling
These are a few of my favorite things

REPEAT: These are NOT real lyrics. If you sing them, you might need a bathing suit, but you won’t be needing any towels. Now start making a birthday card for Jimmy Hoffa and continue on with this tutorial…

Here’s another parody (more complete), courtesy Sumangali Morhall, who used to work at a Run and Become specialist running shop in Edinburgh:

Run and Become -- a specialist running shop

You’ll not go far in those old schoolboy plimsolls
It’s more fundamental than changing the insoles
We’ve airbags and grids now, and hydraulic gel
Or rubberised studs if you’re out on the fell

Growing waaaaistline?
Slowing raaaace time?
Don’t start feeeeeling saaaaad
Just walk through the entrance of Run and Become
And then you won’t feeeel… soooo baaaad!

Paperwork’s done at a desk full of chocolates
Staff all wear big smiles and fast-wicking socklets
We’re only too willing to check out your gait
But at the weekend you might have a long wait

It’s a blaaaast though
Time will paaaass so
You’ll forget you’re saaaad
Just come watch us working at Run and Become
And then you won’t feeeel… soooo baaaad!

Electrolyte powder in shiny red packets
Flashing reflectors and waterproof jackets
Hats for all weather, whatever it brings
We try to stock all your favourite things

When the chaaaafing
And the bliiiisters
Almost drive you maaaad
Come sprinting or limping to Run and Become
And then you won’t feeeel… soooo baaaad!

— Sumangali Morhall, from this 2004 discussion thread steeped in silliness

As you can see, she’s made a right champion singing commercial — one which James Joyce would have been proud to stick somewhere in Ulysses. (“What is home without Plumtree’s Rubberised Studs? Just a dud. With them, an abode of bliss.”) The electrolyte powder in red shiny packets sounds like something Santa would’ve craved before he completed his twelve-step program.

Got your own My Fave Things parody? Do post it, keeping in mind that this blog is for general audiences. Anything excessively kinky or depraved will be forwarded to attorney Joe Kracht’s blog, where it will undoubtedly be treated as “testimony,” especially if it’s anonymous and completely nuts. 😉

Attorney Joe Kracht will believe anything (as long as it's negative) about his former faith group.

Attorney Joe Kracht is keen to publish kinky stories.

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