Recent Updates and Coming Attractions: December 2015


Thanks to those who continue to express interest in my blog. While new posts are arriving at a slow rate, I’ve actually posted a few thousand words of new material in the form of updates to existing posts. The posts which have received major updates are these:

The ACLU and Religious Freedom, Part 1
The ACLU and Religious Freedom, Part 2
The ACLU and Religious Freedom, Part 3
Can Salon Learn From Rolling Stone’s Mistakes? Part 1
Understanding Media: The Smear Campaign
Jayanti Tamm Rebuttal, Part 2
About page

You can read the Guide To The Posts to find out if these are posts which might interest you. Some people prefer short, cheerful posts on positive topics, but I feel the need to write about more challenging subjects as well. Please don’t read anything that you feel would lower your consciousness.

Also fixed: A few older posts didn’t display embedded DailyMotion videos due to an obscure WordPress bug. I’ve gone through the archives month by month, and updated the few problem posts. I’m happy to report that all videos are now playing properly. (Note: If you have trouble playing embedded videos, try updating your browser, or click on the DailyMotion logo to play a video on the DailyMotion site. Ditto for Vimeo and YouTube. See also Help With Videos.)

Coming Attractions

Here are some of the new posts I’m working on. No promises, but at least some of them should see the light of day, since I already have notes for them:

Sumangali Morhall: Auspicious Good Fortune (audiobook)
False Salon Story: What was said at the time
Untangling the Hierarchies of the Postmodern Era
More Sheep’s Head/Dog Meat Problems for Attorney Joe Kracht
Tawana Brawley and the High Cost of False Allegations
Bithika O’Dwyer: A Tale of Two Psyches

In the meantime, if you’d like to hear a short medley of (mostly classical) Christmas music you won’t hear in elevators, please visit:

Christmas Music: The Rare and the Beautiful

H A P P Y    H O L I D A Y S !



P.S. Thanks to those who’ve made this brief update a top post (because they liked the pic). I hope to post more photographs and digital images when I have time. For now, you can see two small samples of my work recoloring images in Photoshop on my About page.


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