Doctor Who: Ghost Light Picture Gallery

doctor-who-ghost-light-picture-galleryThe real world is so fraught with conflict and suffering it’s no wonder I sometimes take refuge in the Whovian universe. While writing about “That’s The Way To The Zoo” (a song sung in “Ghost Light”), I became obsessed with taking screenshots: Continue reading

That’s The Way To The Zoo – A Tribute To Anne Carlton

Combining the Doctor Who and “crazy” themes in a single post…

“Ghost Light” was the last story filmed during the classic period of Doctor Who, which ranged from 1963 to 1989. Even the actors claimed to be a bit befuddled by “Ghost Light,” which (on the surface) is about a group of eccentric characters holed up in a Victorian mansion. But aliens and monsters are afoot, and amidst this scintillating mix of Gothic horror and theatre of the absurd there lurks a subtext concerning evolution. Continue reading

Prince and the dangers of being found unresponsive in an elevator

As few people on the planet don’t know by now, pop icon Prince died today. He was found unresponsive in an elevator.

I too have sometimes been found unresponsive in an elevator. That makes me worry…

Cartoon by Martin Shovel, CreativityWorks Ltd. @MartinShovel


PIX11’s Mary Murphy: So You Think You Can Lie

5 Pinocchios are the latest awards racked up by this tabloid TV reporter

With my wee personal blog, I sometimes go up against the lies told by big evil money. Not that money is always evil, or big media always lie. But with conglomeration in the media industry, there are whole segments concerned not with truth-seeking, but with pandering.

Like Donald J. Trump, New York’s PIX11 apparently loves the poorly educated, perhaps because they’ll believe anything — from Syrian Muslims invading Louisiana, to a mysterious cult discovered in quiet Jamaica Hills. Who can say it didn’t happen? PIX11 likes exploiting the poorly-educated by running hoax news stories, or stories which are actually paid advertising. Read on for examples of both. Continue reading

PIX11’s Mary Murphy: Stalking The Truth (but lies will also do)

Part 2 in a series on tabloid TV (Part 1, Part 3)

An elderly woman is walking a dog in the tranquil neighborhood of Jamaica Hills, Queens when suddenly she’s chased down the street and accosted. Is this some new menace plaguing a generally low-crime area? In a way. It’s PIX11’s Mary Murphy practicing her peculiar brand of ambush journalism. What makes it especially peculiar is that in this case she’s become a surrogate stalker. Continue reading