Manchester Concert Explosion – Live Coverage on Sky News

Links to watch live coverage on Sky News and BBC News (UPDATE 6)

So sorry to hear about the explosion in Manchester, UK. My heart goes out to the British people and my friends in the UK, whom I love dearly.

Though I prefer BBC News, Sky News (live) is easily accessible on YouTube. Watch the embedded live channel below:

Or click on this link to watch Sky News live directly on YouTube:

(If the link should change, see sidebar on how to find the current Sky News Live channel on YouTube.)

BBC News (live video) is less accessible here in the US, unless you take special measures. If you have a VPN which makes it look like you’re in the UK, you can get BBC News more easily and reliably. Without a VPN, in the US you might have luck watching BBC News using one of these links: SOMETIMES WORKS NOT WORKING NOT WORKING

The first link (FirstOneTV) may be slightly more reliable. YMMV. Do be careful what you click on, as some Internet TV sites have deceptive or offensive ads, or could even deliver malware. (Just saying in general.)

For selected events, the BBC makes live coverage available wordwide, so check the BBC news page hereabouts for any live feeds which may pop up:

If you’re wondering why I don’t just follow the coverage on U.S. stations like MSNBC or CNN, the coverage there is too technocratic and security state oriented. On the British channels, it’s more humanistic and about everyday people’s lives. The U.S. coverage is dominated by interviews with retired FBI and national security officials, or U.S. experts on terrorism and bomb-making. The British coverage is mostly interviews with people who were there at the concert. I would rather hear from those people what it was like. Though it’s a horrible event, there’s something comforting in the way the people of Manchester are handling it, and nothing comforting to me about hearing U.S. “experts” drone on impersonally. Of course, those technocratic experts have their value. I’m just more interested in the human side.

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided as a service to those seeking information in a time of emergency. No warranty is made as to its accuracy or suitability. The author is not responsible for any problems which may arise from, or in connection with, watching Internet TV. It is suggested (at a minimum) to make sure your anti-virus is up-to-date and active before visiting strange sites. Internet TV sites come and go at an alarming rate, and don’t always keep their channels in working order. Reading this post in the future, you could find that the mentioned sites are no longer there, or the BBC News channels are no longer working.

Sidebar: How to find the Sky News live channel on YouTube

As of May 2018, the Sky News live channel continues to be available on YouTube, but they do change the link from time to time. To find the current link, go to YouTube, search for Sky News Live, and then (important!): Look for the one that says LIVE NOW in red, and shows a large number current viewers:

In this case, the search returned Sky News Live as the first listing. You can see the Sky News logo, the LIVE NOW indicator in red, and about 2,300 current viewers.

I prefer BBC News to Sky News, but at least Sky News has an official YouTube channel which is easy to find. In the US, BBC News is catch-as-catch-can, and the links change faster than I can update this post.

Of course, BBC News does have a YouTube channel where they post prerecorded videos (just not live):

And to find BBC radio stations is not too difficult.

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