Top 10 British Snow Videos

Coping with snow by channeling your inner Yorkshireman

It’s all too easy to give in to despondency when faced with round after round of inclement weather. Fortunately, these top 10 British snow videos will lift your spirits! Piers Morgan will help you find your “inner Yorkshireman” just in time for that dreaded sequel, Beast from the East 3.

Clearly, taping tennis rackets to your feet and drawing straws for who goes for the milk begins to get at that spirit of invention and unbridled heroism for which the British are famous. But for courage in its most unadulterated form, focus your gaze laserlike on the lone Yorkshireman who braves the harshest of elements, all for love, all for love…

The eccentricities of Dales folk were oft explored in the series All Creatures Great and Small:

But in rural areas of Britain, snow is no joke for the sheep, who must be dug out when they’ve sheltered in deep drifts:

More often, though, the Brits get scanty snow which leaves them wanting more:

Recent snows have known no borders, falling on Britain and Ireland alike. This Irish lass seems well pleased with the snow which blanketed Dublin:

The bare shelves emptied of bread raise the issue of survival in a snowstorm. Would you/could you pick up a gun and shoot something if you were hungry enough? Piers Morgan is a gun control advocate (bless him!), but if driven to starvation, would even he contemplate the rare avian visitor with murder in his heart? Could he take aim, and would you find him shooting for the rafters?

Mainstream media tend to run stories which treat snow as an inconvenience and feature lorry pile-ups. Their great error is in imagining that snow can be fit to their schedule, when the truth is that snow is something to be surrendered to.

Most good footage of Beast from the East/Storm Emma is amateur footage. I love the wildness of the sea in this raw clip from Sunderland. You can almost feel the white spray of the breakers surging up over the railings:

Also this lovely, leisurely sojourn through St. James’s Park, with the honking of geese and cries of seagulls:

This guy has the right idea about snow, which is to get out in it and really commune with it as far from civilisation as possible:

On the other hand, this boy’s world has room for both the beauty of snow and excitement of the video arcade. I love how in his kid world there are no adults (except as targets for pranking), and when he gets in the car, he even acts like he’s the one who’ll be doing the driving!

Coping with snow means recognizing it for the miracle that it is and being amazed by it. We love children because they help us see the world anew, with eyes fresh as new-blown snow. This dad clearly “gets it” that snow is all about being amazed. I’m willing to overlook some flaws in the production because his enthusiasm conquers all. As the great and good Sri Chinmoy said:

Enthusiasm, enthusiasm,
God’s main food;
He begs me to eat
For my good.

I’m reminded of a scene from C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia where a hansom cab driver named Frank is left speechless by the beauty of the new scene he suddenly beholds when transported to Narnia. That’s lush, that’s lush…

If you open your heart to them, these snow videos made by everyday people will bring you more joy than any Hollywood blockbuster.

Are your spirits lifted yet? Say yes, or I’ll be forced to return with more snow videos. 😉

Michael Howard

Sidebar: Doctor Who in Dungeness

Back in 1971, stuntman/actor Derek Ware adopted a “Mummerfordshire” accent when playing the part of Pigbin Josh, a strange character inhabiting the Doctor Who story “Claws of Axos”:

During filming, the Dungeness weather was so unpredictable they had to cobble together footage shot in sun, rain, snow, and fog. Later, script editor Terrance Dicks dropped in a bit of dialogue about “freak weather conditions” to cover the continuity cock-up. Katy Manning (who played companion Jo Grant) adds to the annals of Great British Freezes by describing how frozen actors, like pussycats, draped themselves over car engines just to glean a smitch of warmth.

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Potent Quote

Piers Morgan on guns:

I speak as someone who loves America and loves Americans. But having been brought up in a country where there are no guns, the one thing that you’re completely struck by when you come to America is the amount of paranoia and fear that infests daily life in almost every sphere of American society because of the presence of guns.

* * *


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