Adam Schiff dialogues with Republican senators regarding impeachment (includes videos)

Despite their advancing age, these noble and conscientious statesmen engage in scintillating banter with House Manager Adam Schiff, who is formally attired for the occasion. But these discussions are only an apéritif preceding the main course, where fish will be served, though justice may be wanting.

Impeachment is an extremely rare phenomenon in American politics; but when ventured, it is done with precisely choreographed movements of the actors, and an almost superhuman gracefulness which speaks marvelously well of our public life and public men:

Still, the outlook remains murky, with some senators plainly in the tank for Donald Trump, swimming headlong toward disaster.

If justice is not served, history will look on this impeachment trial as a mere kabuki dance.

Michael Howard

The views expressed are my own, and do not represent any other person or organization.

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