Self-Isolation Tips: Pink Panther helps you wake up early (cartoon)

Should you face the pandemic day with cheerfulness, or take a hammer to that alarm clock?

I totally love this early (1969) Pink Panther cartoon for pushing an age-old conflict to the max. After demolishing a bunch of mechanical alarm clocks, the Pink Panther ventures out to procure a genuine cuckoo clock, perhaps hoping it will be more persuasive. I love that it’s a blue bird who helps him:

Compare this audio recording of “The Blue Bird,” composed by Sri Chinmoy, arranged and performed by Shindhu from their CD Shindhu 8:


The cartoon’s title, “In the Pink of the Night,” may be a play on the old song “In the Still of the Night,” here performed by Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club de France circa 1936:

Kinda makes you feel sleepy, but you should really wake up for morning meditation!

* * *

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