DailyMotion’s New API – Bad For Bloggers!

Screencast shows how WordPress.com blogs are affected by new DailyMotion API and policies

June, 2018. If you’re a blogger, embedding videos in your posts can be a great way to communicate. But in testing, DailyMotion’s new API (sprung on end users without warning) is a disaster. Their new policy is to push clickbait videos onto blogs retroactively. This means blog posts which were once family-friendly are suddenly weaponized! As this screencast (uploaded to Vimeo) shows, a G-rated post about a children’s film was clickbaited by DailyMotion to push videos including “A shock in the nuts!!” (which shows two pigs copulating) and “NYC’s Nude Awakening – Get An Eyeful Of The Naked Tempest.” A post about self-giving, Mother Teresa, and the Dalai Lama of Tibet now pushes “The History of Body Hair,” “Real Housewives of Potomac,” and other spammy nonsense. Continue reading

Video Help Tutorial

flash-player-3Getting Flash videos to play

I just created a permanent help page with lots of tips on getting Flash videos to play in WordPress. This is aimed at readers who don’t always know how to play the videos embedded in blog posts.

While WordPress was the starting point, this became a general tutorial on many topics related to Adobe Flash Player, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome, including:

– Checklist
– Things To Try
– Updating Your Browser
– Updating Flash Player
– Choosing How Flash Content Is Handled
– Understanding Flash Player Settings
– Special Tips For Firefox and Chrome
– What To Do About Outdated Flash
– Problems With Ad Blockers
– Too Many Extensions or Plug-ins
– Opening an Embedded Video in a New Tab
– Flash vs. HTML5
– Advanced Video Help
– Time-Shifting Videos
– Having More Than One Browser
– Using More Than One Operating System
– Light Linux Distros
– Opera Browser
– Alternative Browsers
– Video Blogs or Vlogs
– WordPress.com Support Pages
– Creating Flash Videos

I’ve tried to find a good balance between providing essential information about an increasingly complex subject (getting Flash videos to play), and making it easy to digest by breaking it up into subtopics.

– Includes screenshots
– Links to Flash-related articles on the following sites:


If you find the tutorial helpful, please link to the original page:


Thank you.

Michael Howard

* * *

Two Years, Ten Thousand Views, and Emily Dickinson

September 15th marked the two year anniversary of the Ethics and Spirituality blog. Only a few days earlier the number of views exceeded 10,000!

Many thanks to those kind readers who took the time to ponder my sometimes turgid prose. Thanks also to those who only looked at the pictures. 😉

joe-kracht-parody-6Writing (even the blogging variety) has the power to transport us, and this was well-known to Emily Dickinson, who travelled farther than ninety-nine percent of us while rarely leaving her Homestead. Continue reading